Gerry Unterluggauer

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Gerry Unterluggauer

Phone:    +41 44 215 10 57
Fax:            +41 44 215 10 60
Email:      gerry(at)

Gerry Unterluggauer

Function: Partner
Specialisation: Asset management and option trading

Gerry Unterluggauer worked for the Credit Suisse group for 25 years. He has acquired a comprehensive expertise of the stock market with a focus on shares and option trading as well as in tending to private clients and institutional investors.

He has been working as an independent asset manager since 2001. Gerry feels the pulse of the stock exchanges and the trading and counselling clients he cares for appreciate his distinct proximity to the markets.
Gerry has been married to Françoise for more than 30 years. The two of them have four grown-up children and a granddaughter.


– German
– English
– French