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Leave your investment decisions to our specialists

You will gain freedom for yourself and benefit from the expertise of our asset managers. Who in these days has enough time and the necessary proficiency to make the right financial decisions at the right time? In our information-saturated world it is essential to identify and interpret the really important news. Your portfolio will be taken in charge by an active management that grasps opportunities and minimises risks.


The exact clarification of your needs and goals is the first step of the investment process. Your personal and financial situation will be systematically determined in close cooperation with your financial advisor. We shall analyse your individual situation and establish a holistic, bespoke client profile.
The balance between security and risk will be created according to your readiness to assume risk and your risk carrying capacity. If necessary, we shall bring in further experts such as tax counsellors or attorneys.


A systematic and comprehensive analysis of the markets and their basic driving forces is essential for making rational, well founded investment decisions. Chances and risks must be judged objectively. Based on the analysis, we shall tailor your portfolio to exactly suit your needs and goals.


Once the strategy has been defined, the investments opportunities according to the analyses shall be resolutely pursued and implemented. The investment strategy will be consistently implemented according to the assessments of our investment committee. Transparency is important to us – we shall keep you informed on the condition of your portfolio.


Continuously caring for your investments and regularly reviewing the selected strategy belong to our principal duties. Only so it is possible to timely react to changes of your personal situation and developments in the market.