— Investment philosophy —

– Top-down and value approach –

Top-down means analysis “from top to bottom.” This means that we first look at the macroeconomy and the industry environment before analysing individual companies. Value approach denotes the selection of investment characterised by an intrinsic value that is higher than their market price.

We combine these approaches with an analysis of the global economic prospects. This analysis is based on our own research as well as the secondary research from leading financial institutions.

– Core-satellite strategy –

The term core-satellite strategy denotes the segmentation of a portfolio in two components: a) a broadly diversified investment core, designed to provide a basis return with sufficient security, and b) several complementary individual (“satellite”) investments,added with intention of increasing the potential return or reducing the risk of the portfolio.

We invest in a selection of the world’s best passive (ETFs) and active investment funds as well as in direct investments. The product selection is primarily based on Triaxis AG’s own research, supported by external qualitative and quantitative databases.

– Risk optimisation –

Depending on the client’s risk profile, alternative investments (commodities, precious metals, real estate, hedge funds) can be complementary to the portfolio. ETFs and structured products are also employed for specific themes.

The mid-term goal of Triaxis’ investment strategies is to achieve a similar yield as before the optimisation with significantly reduced risks.